Pomegranate & Fig Sea Salts


Size 19.50 oz/553 g
Recommended For All types of skin.

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Natural sea salts gently exfoliate the skin to reveal softer, smoother skin. Extracts from the fruit of pomegranate and fig have nourishing and soothing properties. Oil and salt blend will remain suspended and pre-mixed. No oil separation on top. Sea salts, rich in minerals, start off by exfoliating and then “round-off” to create a polished finish. The sea salts completely dissolve and will not clog jets or drains.
Massage a small amount of seat salt gently on hands and body for a few seconds and then remove by rinsing with warm water.

1 review for Pomegranate & Fig Sea Salts

  1. Lisa from Pennsylvania

    Love this product from the first moment I tried it!! Use it everyday and my skin is always soft and silky!!

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